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Case Study
Composite Panel Testing

Tesla Composite Panel Testing

+ Project Description: 

The project involved conducting composite panel testing on a Tesla garage to assess the combustibility of the panels used in its construction. The testing was conducted to evaluate the fire safety of the panels. The insulation aspect of the garage was not a concern during the testing.


+ Scope of Work:

ABC Testing Services conducted comprehensive composite panel testing on the Tesla garage. The testing focused on evaluating the panels' combustibility, fire performance, ignition resistance, and spread of flame. Additionally, a core hole test was performed to gather further data on the panel composition.

+ Key Findings:

The testing results indicated that while the panels had a low ignition resistance and a high spread of flame rating, the insulation aspect did not raise any concerns.

+ Recommendations:

Based on the testing findings, it is recommended to implement fire safety measures in the Tesla garage. Consider using non-combustible or fire-resistant panels and installing fire detection and suppression systems to mitigate the fire risk.

+ Conclusion:

The composite panel testing on the Tesla garage confirmed concerns regarding the combustibility of the panels. However, the insulation aspect was not a cause for concern. The testing process, which included a core hole test, allowed for a thorough assessment. Also facilitated roof repairs and arranged convenient access for the client, simplifying the overall process. Urgent action is advised to enhance fire safety by using safer panels and installing fire detection and suppression systems.

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