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Case Study
Home Buyers Level 3 Survey

Home Buyers Level 3 Survey

+ Project Description: 

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy conducted a Home Buyers Level 3 Survey for a large 5-bed detached property in Neston, Cheshire West and Chester. The survey aimed to evaluate the property's condition, including its structural elements and identified repairs and maintenance requirements.

+ Findings:

Structural Condition: The property was found to be in sound structural condition with no major defects of significant concern.

+ Recommendations:

  • External Repairs: It is recommended to perform localized patch repairs to damaged render around window openings, install new flashing to the chimney stack, and replace the gas meter housing box.

  • General Maintenance: The property requires maintenance tasks such as emptying the septic tank, removing moss from tiles, and ensuring the timber fascias and soffits are decorated.

  • Testing and Certificates: Obtain all testing and commissioning certificates for electrical and gas installations, as well as final certificates for the construction of extensions and the detached garage to ensure compliance with Building Regulations.

  • CCTV Drainage Survey: Conduct a CCTV drainage survey to assess the condition of the underground drainage system.

  • Legal Review: Have your solicitor review legal information and local search results to identify any potential concerns.

+ Conclusion:

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy's Home Buyers Level 3 Survey concluded that the large 5-bed detached property in Neston, Cheshire West and Chester is in fair condition considering its age. While no major defects were identified, the survey highlighted the need for external repairs, general maintenance tasks, verification of compliance with building regulations, a drainage survey, and a legal review. These recommendations aim to ensure the property remains in optimal condition and that all necessary documentation is in place for a smooth transaction.


Overall, the Home Buyers Level 3 Survey provided valuable insights for potential buyers, enabling them to make informed decisions and prioritize repairs and maintenance.

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