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Case Study
Home Buyers Level 3 Survey, Solihull, Birmingham

Home Buyers Level 3 Survey, 6-Bed Detached Property in Solihull, Birmingham

+ Project Description: 

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy conducted a Home Buyers Level 3 Survey for an expansive 6-bed detached property situated in Solihull, Birmingham. This comprehensive survey aimed to assess the property's overall condition, including its structural elements, and to identify any necessary repairs and maintenance requirements. Notably, the property also encompassed 4.4 acres of land, adding an additional layer of complexity to the assessment.

+ Findings:

  • Structural Condition: The property's structural integrity was generally well-maintained, with the exception of some specific concerns. 

  • Timber Conservatory: Damage to the timber conservatory was identified, requiring immediate attention to prevent further deterioration. 

  • Chimney Leaning: There was evidence of leaning observed in a tall chimney, necessitating structural evaluation and potential remediation.

+ Recommendations:

  • Timber Conservatory: Urgently address the damage to the timber conservatory to prevent its degradation and ensure its continued functionality. 

  • Chimney Assessment: Conduct a thorough structural assessment of the leaning chimney to determine the extent of the issue and undertake appropriate corrective measures. 

  • Landscaping: Attend to minor landscaping needs on the property to enhance its overall aesthetic appeal and outdoor functionality. 

  • Exterior Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance tasks such as gutter cleaning, roof inspection, and maintenance of external woodwork to ensure continued durability. 

  • Testing and Documentation: Obtain all necessary testing and commissioning certificates for electrical and gas installations, along with any documentation related to past extensions or renovations. 

  • Environmental Survey: Conduct an environmental survey of the property's extensive land to identify potential ecological considerations or any need for conservation measures.

+ Conclusion:

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy's Home Buyers Level 3 Survey concluded that the impressive 6-bed detached property in Solihull, Birmingham, holds great potential for prospective buyers. While the property offers solid structural foundations and well-maintained interior spaces, specific concerns related to the timber conservatory damage and the leaning chimney were identified. Addressing these issues promptly and following the recommended maintenance tasks will ensure the property's long-term integrity and the safety and satisfaction of its future occupants.

Overall, the Home Buyers Level 3 Survey provided essential insights that empower potential buyers to make informed decisions regarding the property's purchase. By attending to the identified concerns and following through with the recommended actions, buyers can confidently transition into their new home, taking advantage of both the spacious property and its substantial surrounding land.

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