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Clarke and Watt Surveyors: Crafting the Scope of Work for Lathom High School

In the world of construction, precision is paramount. Lathom High School, located in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, understands this well. Teaming up with experienced professionals at Clarke and Watt Building Consultancy (CWBC), the school embarked on a journey to define its project scope. Let's explore how this partnership enhanced the process of site inspection and scope formulation, crucial for seamless tendering and project execution.

Understanding the Scope:

A meticulously crafted scope of work acts as the cornerstone of any construction project. It delineates project objectives, tasks, timelines, and resource allocations, ensuring alignment among all stakeholders.

The Significance of Site Inspections: In collaboration with Clarke and Watt Surveyors, Lathom High School conducted thorough site inspections at Glenburn Road. This partnership allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the site's nuances, including structural integrity, spatial constraints, and environmental considerations, essential for accurate project planning.

Crafting a Technical Scope: Leveraging insights gleaned from site inspections, CWBC collaborated closely with project stakeholders to craft a technically robust scope of work. Their expertise in surveying and project management ensured meticulous documentation of project requirements, including specific tasks, milestones, and material specifications.

Facilitating Technical Tendering: CWBC streamlined the tendering process. By providing prospective contractors with a clear and precise scope of work, ambiguities and discrepancies were minimised, enabling accurate cost estimations and mitigating the risk of scope creep during project execution.

Conclusion: Through the expertise of the team at CWBC, Lathom High School achieved technical precision in defining its project scope. Their collaboration laid the groundwork for successful tendering and project execution, reaffirming the importance of expertise in the construction industry.

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