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Case Study Pre-acquisition – Urmston

Pre-acquisition Case Study: Urmston 

+ Project Description: 

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy recently conducted a pre-acquisition survey on a former bank in Urmston. This comprehensive assessment aimed to provide potential buyers with a detailed understanding of the property's condition, highlighting any structural issues, maintenance requirements, and refurbishment considerations.


The property, constructed during the 19th century, presented a unique set of challenges, and the survey encompassed a thorough examination of its foundations, superstructure, roofing, chimneys, rainwater disposal systems, windows, doors, and internal spaces.

+ Findings:

Foundations and Substructure: The exact condition of the foundations and substructure couldn't be confirmed, but major structural issues were not identified during the assessment, suggesting fair overall condition.

Roof: The pitched slate roof is generally in fair condition, although there are damaged and slipped slates that require reinstating. A high level inspection is necessary to assess the entire roof, including flat roof areas.

Chimneys: The chimneys are generally in fair condition, with some localised spalling and minor brickwork damage requiring repair. Attention is needed for lead flashings in specific areas.

Superstructure: The masonry superstructure requires attention due to improper cement mortar pointing, which can trap moisture and accelerate spalling. Repairs are also essential for areas with redundant fixings and stonework where signage was removed.

Rainwater Disposal Systems: The combination of UPVC and cast-iron gutters needs maintenance, especially for a deteriorated cast-iron downpipe. Regular gutter maintenance is advisable.

Dampness: The property likely lacks a damp-proof course, and dampness was observed in the basement, requiring additional measures such as tanking if the space is to be used habitually.

Timber Windows and Doors: Generally in fair/poor condition, options include refurbishment or replacement with double-glazed units for improved performance.

Internal Spaces: Comprehensive refurbishment is required to make the property functional, including addressing fire safety, decorations, new floor finishes, and more.

Underground Drainage Systems: Further investigations, including a CCTV drainage survey, are recommended to confirm the condition of all underground drainage systems.


+ Recommendations:

Prospective buyers should conduct thorough due diligence, including structural assessments and obtaining necessary vendor information, to comprehend the scope and costs involved in bringing the property up to the desired standard.

+ Conclusion:

While the former bank in Urmston presents potential, it necessitates significant refurbishment work and compliance efforts. The property's overall condition suggests fair to poor in various aspects, and buyers should carefully consider the investment required to meet their standards. Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy's pre-acquisition survey provides a comprehensive overview to guide potential buyers in making informed decisions. Thorough planning and a clear understanding of the property's condition are crucial before embarking on any acquisition or redevelopment efforts.

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