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Case Study Commercial Technical Due Diligence / Pre-Acquisition Survey

Commercial Technical Due Diligence / Pre-Acquisition Survey

+ Scope of the Survey: 

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy were instructed to conduct a comprehensive pre-acquisition survey on a large industrial unit with adjoining office accommodation totalling 54,000 Sq Ft. 

+ Survey Findings:

The survey revealed significant issues:

  • Subsidence: Signs of subsidence, including cracks and uneven flooring.

  • Leaking Roofs: Multiple areas showed water ingress, with visible stains and dampness.

  • Structural Deficiencies: Inadequate reinforcement, compromised beams, and improper alterations.

  • Fire Safety Non-Compliance: Outdated fire alarms, insufficient exits, and improper compartmentalization.

  • Asbestos Contamination: Presence of asbestos-containing materials.

+ Conclusion:

The acquisition survey enabled the client to make an informed decision before proceeding with the purchase. Uncovering issues such as subsidence, leaking roofs, structural deficiencies, fire safety non-compliance, and asbestos contamination led to a significant £200,000 reduction in the purchase price. CWBC demonstrated their expertise and commitment to delivering valuable insights and solutions, establishing itself as a trusted partner in the acquisition process.

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