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Case Study Level 3 Home Buyer Survey, Luxury Apartment, Central London 

Level 3 Home Buyer Survey Case Study:
Luxury Apartment, Central London  

+ Project Description: 

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy conducted a Home Buyers Level 3 Survey for a luxury 2-bed apartment property situated in Wapping, London. This comprehensive survey aimed to assess the property's overall condition, including its structural elements, and to identify any necessary repairs and maintenance requirements. Notably, the property also provided expansive views over the River Thames from the balcony.

+ Findings:

  • Structural Condition: The property's structural integrity was generally well-maintained.

  • External Windows & Doors: The key item of concern was the internal leaks identified around the balcony doors within the curtain wall facades. 

+ Recommendations:

  • External Windows & Doors: Replace the balcony doors with new like-for-like, ensuring the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation are adhered to and the doors are adequately sealed with water-testing undertaken to sign-off the replacement works. 

  • Testing and Documentation: Obtain all necessary testing and commissioning certificates for electrical and heating installations. 

+ Conclusion:

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy's Home Buyers Level 3 Survey recommendations prioritise addressing the concerns related to the balcony doors. The proposal to replace them with new aims to rectify the notable leak issues effectively. Additionally, obtaining all necessary testing and commissioning certificates for electrical and heating installations is recommended to ensure compliance and safety standards.
Overall, the property demonstrates a sound structural condition. By implementing the suggested actions, prospective buyers can enhance the apartment's longevity, ensuring a secure and enjoyable living space, complemented by the breathtaking views over the River Thames and Central London from the balcony. This Home Buyers Level 3 Survey equips potential buyers with valuable insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and facilitating a smooth transition into their new luxury residence in Wapping, London.

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