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Supporting Growing Businesses: Schedule of Condition Surveys at Clarke & Watt

As businesses expand, they often find themselves navigating new challenges, including the need for additional or upgraded spaces. Whether moving into new premises or renewing existing leases, understanding the condition of a property is crucial. At Clarke & Watt, we specialise in Schedule of Condition Surveys, providing growing businesses with the insights they need to make informed decisions and protect their investments.

What is a Schedule of Condition Survey?

A Schedule of Condition Survey is a detailed report that documents the current state of a property at a specific point in time, typically before a lease agreement is signed. It includes comprehensive written descriptions and high-quality photographs of all parts of the property, highlighting any existing defects or areas of concern.

How Clarke & Watt Supports Your Growing Business

Expert Surveyors:

At Clarke & Watt, our team of experienced surveyors has a deep understanding of various property types and conditions. We provide accurate and thorough assessments, tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Our surveys include detailed reports with written descriptions and high-resolution photographs. We highlight all existing defects and provide clear, actionable recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Clear Communication:

We understand the importance of clear and professional communication. Our team is always available to discuss the findings of the survey and provide additional insights or clarification as needed.

Ongoing Support:

As your business grows, we continue to support you with additional services such as Dilapidations Surveys, Building Condition Surveys, and advice on property maintenance.

To book a commercial survey contact us:


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