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Case Study
Schedule of Condition - Dilapidations

Schedule of Condition – Dilapidations

+ Scope of the Survey: 

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy (CWBC) were instructed by a client seeking to take on a Full Repair & Insure (FRI) lease of a two-storey detached office building. The purpose of the survey was to record the condition of the property prior to the client taking occupancy thereby mitigating their repairing liabilities at the end of the lease term.

+ Survey Findings:

During the assessment, CWBC identified several significant issues with the office building, which required attention. The notable findings included:

a) Fire Safety Breaches: Poor and absent fire stopping and compartmentation measures, posing a risk to the spread of flame and smoke within the building.

b) Redundant Services: CWBC identified the presence of redundant services left behind by the former tenant, requiring removal or proper decommissioning to ensure safety and functionality.

c) Other Deficiencies: The survey also revealed additional deficiencies such as damaged fenestration, outdated electrical systems, and general wear and tear in various areas of the building.


+ Conclusion:

CWBC advised the client of several issues, most notably fire safety breaches, leading to financial remuneration provided by the Landlord to cover the expense of these works. The schedule, appended to the commercial lease, was appended to the lease effectively limiting the Landlord’s claim for dilapidations at lease expiry. CWBC's expertise in building consultancy ensured a smooth and advantageous negotiation process, safeguarding the client’s interests and establishing a solid foundation for their tenancy.

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