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Case Study Schedule of Works, Lathom High School

Schedule of Works Case Study:
Lathom High School

+ Project Description: 

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy conducted a site inspection at Lathom High School to produce a comprehensive scope of work for the replacement of the kitchen facilities. The examination aimed to assess the existing conditions that could potentially impact the schedule of works and accurately measure the areas to inform the required quantities for inclusion in the schedule.

+ Findings:

  • M&E Installations: The site inspection revealed the presence of extensive Mechanical and Electrical installations within the existing kitchen area and in the ceiling void. The complexity of these installations could pose challenges to the planned schedule of work and necessitate careful coordination.

  • Blockwork Walls: A notable finding included the identification of blockwork walls that require demolition to accommodate the proposed kitchen replacement. The quantification of this demolition work is essential for accurate project planning and execution.

+ Recommendations:

  • M&E Installations: Given the intricate nature of the M&E installations, it is recommended to undertake a detailed coordination plan to minimise disruptions, and these were included in the schedule of works. This includes collaborating closely with relevant specialists to ensure a seamless integration of new installations.

  • Demolition of Blockwork Walls: To facilitate the kitchen replacement project, it is recommended to execute the demolition of identified blockwork walls with precision and by safety standards. This process was accurately quantified to guide the project timeline effectively.

  • Testing and Documentation: Obtain all necessary testing and commissioning certificates for new M&E installations to ensure compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

+ Conclusion:

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy's site inspection at Lathom High School provides a thorough understanding of the requirements for replacing the kitchen facilities. The findings highlight the intricate nature of existing M&E installations and the necessary demolition of blockwork walls. The recommendations underscore the importance of meticulous planning, coordination, and compliance with safety standards to ensure the success of the project.
By addressing the identified challenges and following through with the recommended actions, Lathom High School can look forward to a modernised and functional kitchen space. This site inspection equips contractors with valuable accurate quantities to make informed costing, ensuring the smooth execution of the kitchen replacement project and the continued efficiency of the school's facilities.

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