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Collaborating for Safety: CWBC Partners with Leicester Fire and Rescue Service


Clarke & Watt Building Consultants (CWBC) is proud to announce a significant partnership with Leicester Fire and Rescue Service, aimed at enhancing safety and preparedness across Leicestershire's fire stations. In this blog post, we delve into the details of our collaboration and the crucial role it plays in ensuring the operational readiness and safety of these vital facilities.

A Mission of Safety and Preparedness:

Leicester Fire and Rescue Service plays an essential role in safeguarding the community. To ensure their operations run smoothly and efficiently, CWBC has joined hands with the service to conduct comprehensive inspections of all fire stations in Leicestershire. This initiative encompasses a range of crucial tasks, each geared towards optimising safety and minimising risks.

Comprehensive Inspections and Maintenance Plans:

CWBC's experts are diligently conducting in-depth inspections of each fire station. These inspections go beyond the surface, encompassing a thorough evaluation of various aspects, from structural integrity to equipment functionality. The goal is to identify potential areas of concern and develop comprehensive 10-year maintenance plans. These plans will outline necessary repairs, improvements, and maintenance activities to be carried out over the coming decade, ensuring that the fire stations remain in optimal condition.

M&E Tests for Peak Performance:

Mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems are vital to the seamless operation of fire stations. CWBC's team is conducting rigorous M&E tests to ensure that systems such as lighting, HVAC, and communication equipment are functioning optimally. Identifying potential issues and addressing them proactively guarantees that the fire stations are always ready to respond to emergencies effectively.

Assessing Reinstatement Costs for Insurance:

In addition to inspections and maintenance plans, CWBC is assessing reinstatement costs for insurance purposes. Accurate assessments of the costs required to reinstate a facility to its original condition are essential for adequate insurance coverage. This step ensures that in the event of unforeseen damages, the fire stations can be swiftly restored, minimising operational disruptions.


The collaboration between CWBC and Leicester Fire and Rescue Service underscores our shared commitment to safety, preparedness, and community well-being. By conducting comprehensive inspections, creating 10-year maintenance plans, performing M&E tests, and assessing reinstatement costs, we are actively contributing to the service's mission of safeguarding lives and property. This partnership exemplifies CWBC's dedication to excellence and our expertise in building consultancy services.

We look forward to continuing our work with Leicester Fire and Rescue Service, striving to uphold the highest standards of safety and ensuring the community remains well-protected. If you're seeking an expert consultancy to enhance safety and operational readiness, CWBC is your trusted partner.

For more information about our services or to discuss potential collaborations, please feel free to get in touch with us at and


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