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Why do you need a contract administrator?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

As a developer, it is crucial to have contract administrators in place to manage all the contracts related to the construction and development projects you work on. These contracts could include agreements with clients, architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers.

Contract administrators can help to ensure that all parties involved are aware of their obligations and that the terms and conditions of the contract are being followed. This helps to minimise the risk of disputes and non-compliance, which can delay or even halt a project.

In addition, contract administrators can help to improve efficiency by centralising all contract-related information and documents in one place, making it easier for everyone involved in a project to access the information they need.

Overall, having contract administrators on your team can help to ensure the smooth execution of construction and development projects, as well as protect your organisation from potential legal and financial risks. In the highly regulated and often complex world of building consultancy, having skilled contract administrators is a must. Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy are here to help!


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