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Navigating Flood Risks: CWBC's Expertise in Action

As the UK grapples with the challenges of widespread flooding this January, Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy (CWBC) extends its support and expertise to those affected. Our dedicated team is well-versed in assisting individuals and businesses in mitigating the impact of flooding and ensuring a resilient recovery.

Key Considerations:

  1. Flood Risk Assessments: CWBC specialises in comprehensive Flood Risk Assessments to evaluate the susceptibility of properties to flooding. Whether residential or commercial, understanding the risk is crucial for informed decision-making.

  2. Property Surveys and Reports: Our skilled surveyors conduct detailed property surveys to assess the extent of damage caused by flooding. Our reports provide a clear picture of the property's condition, aiding in insurance claims and restoration planning.

  3. Project Management for Restoration: CWBC offers end-to-end project management services for property restoration post-flooding. From coordinating repairs to liaising with contractors, we ensure a seamless process to bring properties back to their optimal state.

  4. Flood Resilience Advice: Building on our expertise, CWBC provides tailored advice on enhancing flood resilience. This includes recommending measures to safeguard properties against future flood risks and minimize potential damage.

  5. Insurance Support: Dealing with insurance claims can be complex. CWBC assists clients in navigating the insurance process, providing the necessary documentation and reports to support claims efficiently.

How to Reach Out:

If you or your property has been impacted by flooding, don't hesitate to contact CWBC for expert assistance. Our team is ready to assess, advise, and support you through the recovery process.

In times of uncertainty, CWBC stands as a reliable partner, offering the expertise needed to navigate the challenges posed by flooding. Connect with us today for personalized and effective solutions. Contact us today at


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