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RAAC in Schools and Public Buildings: A Deep Dive with Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy

The construction world is currently grappling with a challenge that has emerged from the shadows: RAAC, or Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. This material, common in schools and public edifices from the 1960s to 1980s, has shown alarming signs of deterioration. Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy is at the forefront, offering comprehensive solutions to this emerging problem.

RAAC: The Sleeping Giant RAAC was once lauded for its lightweight and easily installable properties. However, as buildings aged, the darker side of RAAC began to emerge. Vulnerable to moisture and freeze-thaw cycles, RAAC's degradation can lead to serious structural weaknesses. Alarmingly, this deterioration often remains hidden, posing significant collapse risks, especially in ceilings. Given that many of these RAAC-laden structures are essential community hubs like schools, the potential danger to daily occupants, including young students, cannot be understated. Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy's Multi-Pronged Approach

In-depth Assessments:

Our team of expert surveyors dives deep into detailed inspections, utilising state-of-the-art tools to identify and evaluate RAAC's condition in suspected buildings. Holistic Risk Management:

Post-inspection, we craft a meticulously detailed risk management strategy, mapping out immediate actions and long-term safeguards. Tailored Remediation Plans:

Depending on the severity of RAAC degradation, we draft a tailored remediation blueprint. This could encompass specific repair techniques or advice on complete material replacement. Contract Administration and Procurement:

Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy takes pride in its end-to-end service offering. We don't just identify and plan; we also administrate contracts, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned, and oversee the entire procurement process. This ensures a seamless transition from assessment to repair or replacement. Rigorous Project Oversight:

We ensure every project we oversee aligns with the highest industry standards. Our dedicated team supervises each step, ensuring safety, quality, and efficiency. Education and Awareness Campaigns:

Recognising the importance of proactive prevention, we conduct awareness drives and training sessions. These initiatives aim to educate building managers, staff, and stakeholders about RAAC's nuances, encouraging regular checks and alertness to early degradation signs.

In conclusion, the challenges posed by RAAC are undeniably significant. However, with the expertise and comprehensive approach of Clarke & Watt Building Consultancy, communities can navigate this challenge, ensuring their buildings remain not just functional, but most importantly, safe.


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