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Safe and Efficient: Clarke & Watt's Drone Roof Survey

Roof inspections have always been a critical aspect of maintaining the integrity and safety of buildings, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. Traditional methods, involving ladders, scaffolding, and human inspection, have long been the norm. However, these methods come with significant drawbacks, such as safety risks, high costs, and time consumption. Enter the era of drone technology, where drone roof surveys are revolutionizing how we approach roof inspections.

Case Study

A perfect example of the efficacy of drone roof surveys can be seen in the recent project completed by Clarke & Watt. Known for their innovative approach to building inspections, Clarke & Watt utilised drone technology to conduct a comprehensive roof survey on a large commercial property.

The drone, operated by their skilled team, swiftly captured high-resolution images and videos of the roof, identifying several areas requiring attention. The entire process was completed in a fraction of the time it would have taken using traditional methods. The data collected allowed Clarke & Watt to provide the property owners with a detailed report, highlighting the exact locations and nature of the issues found.

This case not only underscores the efficiency and effectiveness of drone roof surveys but also demonstrates Clarke & Watt's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver superior service to their clients.


Drone roof surveys are transforming the way we approach roof inspections, offering a safer, more cost-effective, and time-efficient solution. With the ability to capture detailed and accurate data, drones ensure that potential issues are identified and addressed promptly, thereby prolonging

the life of the roof and enhancing the safety

of the building's occupants. Companies like

Clarke & Watt are at the forefront of this

technological revolution, setting new standards

in the industry and showcasing the immense

potential of drone technology in building

maintenance and inspection.

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