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The End of an Era: CWBC Transforms Iconic Pub into Apartments

In the heart of Wigston in Leicester, nestled among the bustling streets and lively atmosphere, stood a beloved establishment known far and wide for its charm and character—the iconic Marquis of Queensbury. With its rich history, vibrant ambiance, and the distinction of boasting the longest bar in England, it held a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

However, change is inevitable, and sometimes even the most cherished institutions must evolve with the times. Such is the case with Marquis of Queensbury, as it undergoes a transformation surveyed by Clarke and Watt Building Consultancy Limited (CWBC), turning its once-bustling pub scene into a residential haven comprising 19 modern apartments.

The longest bar in England, once a focal point for social gatherings and camaraderie, will now make way for contemporary living spaces. While some may lament the loss of this cherished gathering spot, others see the potential for new beginnings and revitalisation in the heart of Wigston.

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